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Stoneleaf Construction LLC

We are a team of thinkers, innovators, and creators who are passionate about our life's work. In our modern world, we have the ability to bring together architectural designs with the latest technology to create private and public spaces that mirror the inner hopes, wishes, and desires of our clients. As part of this journey we are constantly on the hunt for the latest innovations, products, and emerging trends. From concept design through post construction inspection, we approach every project with an unparalleled level of rigor. It is this rigor that allows us to uphold our values every step of the way.

Slide VALUES With over five decades of collective experience in the construction industry, it is our firm belief that our values represent our identity both as a team and company. These values include: COMMITMENT We are committed to providing our clients with a complete array of construction services. Our commitment to excellence can be found in our ability to succinctly respond to the needs of our clients, communicate openly, work with design teams to leverage the latest techniques, and effectively manage the competitive bidding process. COMMUNICATION At Stoneleaf, we believe that effectively managing every stage of the construction journey, including the competitive bidding process, begins with open and honest communication. Through comprehensive reports, detailed photographs, and evaluations, we are able to produce the exceptional quality craftsmanship that has been associated with the Stoneleaf brand for years. INNOVATION Thinking outside of the box requires you to first build the box; fortunately, the Stoneleaf team has "been building boxes" (and then some) for more than 50 years. Instead of resting on our laurels, we focus on continuous improvements. We constantly search for new ways to enhance the construction industry by learning from the past, recognizing current trends, and envisioning what the future holds.

Slide TRANSPARENCY We believe in being transparent throughout all project stages, which is why we communicate openly and honestly with our clients. Through comprehensive and inclusive construction services, we meticulously respond to project parameters by maximizing efficiencies, bringing value, and advocating on behalf of our clients. PASSION At Stoneleaf, we love all facets of construction, which translates into a passion for effectively managing our clients' dream projects. From pre-construction services to working with our clients' architects, to completing project stages on time, our passion for construction delivers high quality results each and every time. ACCURACY Whether it is a custom home, multi-family condominium, or hospitality project, we are the advocates that our clients need to make their dreams a reality. We offer clients a simpler approach by becoming the single point of contact who is responsible for effectively communicating and managing every step of the construction project. TEAMWORK Our ideas, skills, and knowledge would be nothing without our ability to work as a cohesive team. Like the cog in the wheel, our seasoned team is the lynchpin to construction success. The dedicated estimating and purchasing department works with the construction team to thoroughly review plans, provide transparent and detailed estimates, and engineer the project in the most cost-effective manner.

MISSION It is our mission to provide clients with a complete set of construction services that feature unparalleled craftsmanship, responding to the latest trends in design, and remaining cognizant of each building's environmental footprint. We are the advocates that our clients need to make their custom home, multi-family homes, and hospitality dreams vibrant realities. Through a focus on process efficiencies, coupled with a dedication to maximizing value, our seasoned Stoneleaf team makes it our mission to achieve project success each and every time. VISION At Stoneleaf, we believe in learning from the past, excelling in the present, and looking forward to the future. Throughout the years, we have maintained the highest standards in construction through the procurement of materials, subcontractors, technology, and staffing. With each new day, the entire Stoneleaf team continues to achieve our collective vision by committing to the following: - Be a benchmark of quality in the construction industry - Bring the human elements of compassion and innovation into the workplace and each project - Advocate on behalf of our clients and the environment - Achieve balance in all that we do